Weedeater – “God Luck and Good Speed”

God Luck and Good Speed (Black Vinyl)

God Luck and Good Speed (Black Vinyl) (LP)

Weedeater reduce like so: A trio from the seaside city of Wilmington, N.C., the band oozes thick, incidental drones before hammering into belligerent mid-tempo thrash built primarily around metaphors involving, well, weed. More pragmatic than Sleep and more pummeling than Bongzilla, Weedeater are heavy, fluid, and direct.

The band traffic in uppers and downers, convictions and addictions: In short, the band lives up to its name, and its third album, the Steve Albini produced God Luck and Good Speed, puts them near the top of their genre.

Please Note: This LP comes with an album dust sleeve, album one sheet and black vinyl. (LP jacket is not included.) Sold as is

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God Luck and Good Speed