Cat# Artist Title Year
LORD777 Resurrection 2009
SUNN666 Pentagram Sub-Basement 2001
Lord251 Agrimonia Awaken 2018
SUNN250 Sunn O))) Kannon 2015
Lord250 Eagle Twin The Thundering Heard 2018
lord249 Kohti Tuhoa Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta 2017
Lord247 Centuries The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding 2018
lord245 All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal 2017
Lord244 Unsane Sterilize 2017
lord243 Loincloth Psalm of the Morbid Whore 2017
lord242 Zakk Sabbath Live in Detroit 2017
lord241 BIG|BRAVE Ardor 2017
lord240 Magma Retrospektïẁ 2018
lord239 Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora 2017
lord238 Wolfbrigade Run With The Hunted 2017
Lord237 Crypt Rot Embryonic Devils 2017
Lord235 Circle Terminal 2017
lord234 Lifesick 6.0.1 2016
lord232 Martyrdöd List 2016
lord231 Ruin He-Ho/Fiat Lux 2016
Lord229 Halshug Sort Sind 2016
Lord228 Okkultokrati Raspberry Dawn 2016
Lord226 Kohti Tuhoa Rutiinin Orja 2016
Lord225 LIES Plague 2016
LORD224 Hissing S/T 7" 2016
Lord223 Paranoid Satyagraha 2016
lord222 Excel The Joke's On You 2016
lord221 Sarabante Poisonous Legacy 2016
Lord220 Asschapel Total Destruction (1999-2006) 2016
lord219 Okkultokrati Night Jerks 2016
lord218 Okkultokrati Snakereigns 2016
lord217 Okkultokrati Snake Reigns/Night Jerks 2016
lord216 Like Rats II 2016
LORD215 Battalion of Saints Battalion of Saints 2015
LORD214 BIG|BRAVE Au De La 2015
LORD213 Wolfpack Wolfpack Box 2016
Lord212 Wolfpack Allday Hell 1999
Lord211 Wolfpack Lycanthro Punk 1998
Lord 210 Goatsnake Black Age Blues 2015
Lord209 Wolfpack A New Dawn Fades 1996
LORD208 Black Breath Slaves Beyond Death 2015
LORD207 Poison Idea Confuse and Conquer 2015
LORD206 Halshug Blodets Bånd 2015
LORD205 Pelican The Cliff 2015
LORD204 Xibalba Tierra Y Libertad 2015
LORD202 Today Is The Day Animal Mother 2014
Lord201 Obliterations Poison Everything 2014
SUNN200 Sunn O))) & Ulver Terrestrials 2014
LORD199 Brotherhood Till Death... 2014
LORD198 Torch Runner Endless Nothing 2014
LORD197 Gust s/t 2014
LORD196 Baptists Bloodmines 2014
LORD195 YDI A Place in the Sun/Black Dust 2015
LORD194 Excel Split Image 2014
Lord193 Earth Primitive And Deadly 2014
LORD192 Martyrdöd Elddop 2014
LORD191 Torch Runner Committed to the Ground 2014
LORD190 Nightfell The Living Ever Mourn 2014
LORD189 BL'AST Blood! 2013
LORD188 Electric Funeral Total Funeral 2014
LORD187LP Offenders We Must Rebel / I Hate Myself / Endless Struggle 2014
LORD186 Lumbar The First and Last Days of Unwelcome 2013
LORD185 Poison Idea Kings of Punk (BLOATED EDITION) 2013
LORD184 Wolves in the Throne Room BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini 2013
LORD183 Noothgrush Noothgrush / Coffins 2013
Lord182.5 Pelican Arktika (Live From Russia) 2013
LORD182 Pelican Forever Becoming 2013
LORD181 A Storm Of Light Nations To Flames 2013
LORD180 Sunn O))) LA REH 012 2013
Lord 179 BL'AST The Expression Of Power 2014
LORD178 Centuries Taedium Vitae 2013
LORD177 All Pigs Must Die Nothing Violates This Nature 2013
LORD177LP Sunn O))) Rehearsal Demo Nov 11 2011 2012
LORD176 Dead In The Dirt The Blind Hole 2013
LORD175 Power Trip Manifest Decimation 2013
LORD174 Agrimonia Rites of Separation 2013
LORD173 Hessian A.D. Mànégarmr 2013
LORD172 Nails Abandon All Life 2013
LORD171 Wartorn Iconic Nightmare 2013
LORD170 Baptists Bushcraft 2013
LORD169 The Secret Agnus Dei 2013
LORD168 Nuclear Death Terror Chaos Reigns 2012
LORD167 Oiltanker The Shadow Of Greed / Crusades 2012
LORD166 Poison Idea The Fatal Erection Years 1983-1986 2013
LORD165 Krömosom Live Forever 2012
LORD164 High On Fire The Art of Self Defense 2012
LORD163 Enabler All Hail The Void 2013
LORD162 From Ashes Rise Rejoice The End / Rage Of Sanity 2013
LORD161 Burning Love Rotten Thing To Say 2013
LORD160 Martyrdöd Paranoia 2012
LORD159 Xibalba Hasta La Muerte 2013
LORD158 Sleep Dopesmoker 2013
LORD157 Eagle Twin The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Scale 2012
LORD156 Acephalix Deathless Master 2012
LORD155 Pelican Ataraxia / Taraxis 2012
LORD154 Black Breath Sentenced To Life 2012
LORD153 Poison Idea Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years 2012
LORD152 Wolfbrigade Damned 2012
LORD151 Nails Obscene Humanity 2013
SUNN150 Sunn O))) ØØ Void 2011
LORD149 Earth Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II 2012
LORD148 Fontanelle Vitamin F 2013
LORD147 Loincloth Iron Balls Of Steel 2011
LORD146 Black Cobra Invernal 2011
LORD145 Craft Void 2011
LORD144 Heartless Hell Is Other People 2011
LORD143 Noothgrush Live for Nothing 2011
LORD142 Wolves in the Throne Room Celestial Lineage 2011
LORD141 Balaclava Crimes of Faith 2011
LORD140 Sarabante Remnants 2011
LORD139 Planks The Darkest of Grays / Solicit to Fall 2011
LORD138 Xibalba Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias 2011
LORD137 Seven Sisters of Sleep Seven Sisters of Sleep 2011
LORD136 Alpinist Lichtlærm / Minus.Mensch 2011
LORD135 Acephalix Interminable Night 2011
LORD134 Drainland And So Our Troubles Began 2011
LORD133 Misantropic Insomnia 2011
LORD132 Summon The Crows One More for the Gallows 2011
LORD131 Early Graves Goner 2011
LORD130 All Pigs Must Die God Is War 2011
LORD130.5 Dead In The Dirt Fear 2011
LORD129 Weedeater Jason... The Dragon 2011
LORD128 Earth Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I 2011
LORD128.5 OFF! Compared to What / Rotten Apple 2011
LORD127 Nails Unsilent Death 2010
LORD127.5 Baptists Baptists 2010
LORD126 Corrosion of Conformity 3 Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 & 2) 2010
LORD126.5 Lebanon Overdose / Overload 2010
LORD125 Nihilist Carnal Leftovers 2011
LORD125.5 Righteous Fool Righteous Fool 2010
LORD124 Winter Into Darkness 2011
LORD123 Boris Live in Japan 2010
LORD122 Earth A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction 2010
LORD121 The Secret Solve et coagula 2010
LORD120 BXI BXI 2010
LORD119 Thou Summit 2010
LORD118 Masakari The Profit Feeds 2010
LORD117 Yob The Great Cessation 2010
LORD116 Goatsnake Flower of Disease 2010
LORD115 Trap Them Filth Rations 2010
LORD114 Black Breath Heavy Breathing 2010
LORD113 Twilight Monument to Time End 2010
LORD112 Virulence If This Isn’t A Dream...1985-1989 2010
LORD111 Black Breath Razor to Oblivion 2009
LORD110 Pelican What We All Come to Need 2009
LORD109 Black Cobra Chronomega 2009
LORD108 Boris Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, Vol. 1 2009
LORD108.2 Boris Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, Vol. 2 2009
LORD108.3 Boris Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, Vol. 3 2009
LORD108.4 Boris Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, Vol. 4 2009
LORD107 The Accüsed The Curse of Martha Splatterhead 2009
LORD106 Eagle Twin The Unkindness of Crows 2009
LORD105 Pelican Ephemeral 2009
LORD104 Earth "Radio Live" 2007-2008 2009
LORD103 Wolves in the Throne Room Black Cascade 2009
LORD102 Orcustus Orcustus 2009
LORD101 Wolves in the Throne Room Malevolent Grain 2009
LORD101.5 Funeral Mist Maranatha 2009
SUNN100 Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions 2009
SUNN99 Wino Punctuated Equilibrium 2009
SUNN99.5 Deathspell Omega Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum: Chaining the Katechon 2009
SUNN98 Iceburn The Power of the Lion 2009
SUNN98.5 Ofermod Tiamtu 2009
SUNN97 Thou Tyrant 2009
SUNN96 GORE Heart Gore/Mean Mans’ Dream 2008
SUNN95 Pentemple O))) Presents... 2008
SUNN94 Sunn O))) Dømkirke 2008
SUNN93 Ascend Ample Fire Within 2008
SUNN93.5 Coffins Buried Death 2008
SUNN92 Boris Smile 2008
SUNN92.5 Boris Statement 2008
SUNN91 Lair of the Minotaur War Metal Battle Master 2008
SUNN90 Earth The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull 2008
SUNN90.5 Earth The Peacock Angels Lament / Narasimha 2008
SUNN89 Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter Like, Love, Lust and the Open Halls of the Soul 2008
SUNN88 Boris Rock Dream 2007
SUNN87 Burial Chamber Trio WVRM 2007
SUNN86 OM Pilgrimage 2007
SUNN86.5 OM Live at Jerusalem 2008
SUNN85 Tangorodrim Justus Ex Fide Vivit 2007
SUNN84 Orthodox Amanecer En Puerta Oscura 2007
SUNN83 Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters 2007
SUNN82 Weedeater God Luck and Good Speed 2007
SUNN81 Glorior Belli Manifesting the Raging Beast 2007
SUNN80 Burial Chamber Trio Burial Chamber Trio 2007
SUNN79 Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem of 12 Stars 2007
SUNN78 Oren Ambarchi In The Pendulum’s Embrace 2007
SUNN78.5 Striborg Split 2007
SUNN77 Sunn O))) Oracle 2007
SUNN76 Asbestosdeath Dejection, Unclean 2007
SUNN75 Abruptum Evil Genius 2007
SUNN74 Earth Hibernaculum 2007
SUNN74.2 Earth Live Europe 2006 2007
SUNN74.5 Deathspell Omega Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum 2007
SUNN73 Striborg Nefaria / A Tragic Journey Towards The Light 2007
SUNN73.5 Final Warning PDX 2007
SUNN72 Grave Temple The Holy Down 2007
SUNN72.5 Watain Sworn to the Dark 2007
sunn71 Stephen O'Malley & Z'ev Magistral 2007
SUNN71 Z’EV & SOMA Magistral 2007
SUNN71.5 Mortuus De Contemplanda Morte 2007
SUNN70 The Hidden Hand The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote 2007
SUNN69 Orthodox Gran Poder 2007
SUNN69.5 Secrets of the Moon Antithesis 2007
SUNN68 Velvet Cacoon Northsuite 2007
SUNN68.5 Obscurus Advocam Verbia Daemonicus 2007
SUNN67 Velvet Cacoon Genevieve 2007
SUNN67.5 Mark D Iraq 2006
SUNN66.6 Sunn O))) La Mort Noir dans Esch / Alzette 2006
SUNN66-60 Sunn O))) Angel Coma 2006
SUNN65 Leviathan The Blind Wound 2006
SUNN65.5 Funeral Mist Devilry 2006
SUNN64.5 Funeral Mist Salvation 2006
SUNN63 Clown Alley Circus of Chaos 2006
SUNN63.5 Deathspell Omega Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice 2006
SUNN62 Sunn O))) & Boris Altar 2006
SUNN62.5 Antaeus Blood Libels 2006
SUNN61 Oren Ambarchi Grapes from the Estate 2006
SUNN61.5 Katharsis VVorldVVithoutEnd 2006
SUNN60 Striborg Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts 2006
SUNN59 Grief Alive 2006
SUNN58 Mord Christendom Perished 2006
SUNN58.1 Stebmo Stebmo 2008
SUNN58.5 Leviathan Leviathan / Xasthur 2006
SUNN57 Confessor Unraveled 2006
SUNN57.5 Zoroaster Zoroaster 2006
SUNN56 Lair of the Minotaur The Ultimate Destroyer 2006
SUNN56.5 Nachtmystium Instinct: Decay 2006
SUNN55 Boris Pink 2005
SUNN54 Craft Fuck the Universe 2006
SUNN54.5 Leviathan Leviathan / Sapthuran 2006
SUNN53 Urgehal Goatcraft Torment 2006
SUNN53.5 Orcustus Wrathrash 2005
SUNN52 The Hidden Hand Devoid of Colour 2005
SUNN52.5 Nattefrost Terrorist - Nekronaut Pt. 1 2005
SUNN51 Earthride Vampire Circus 2005
SUNN50 Sunn O))) Black One 2005
SUNN50.5 Sunn O))) Black One / Solstitium Fulminate 2005
SUNN49 Lair of the Minotaur Cannibal Massacre 2005
SUNN48 Earth Hex; Or Printing in the Infernal Method 2005
SUNN47 Twilight Twilight 2005
SUNN47.5 Haemoth Kontamination 2005
SUNN46 Oren Ambarchi Triste 2005
SUNN46.5 Frost Frost 2005
SUNN45 Repulsion Horrified 2006
SUNN45.5 Lurker Of Chalice Lurker of Chalice 2005
SUNN44 Xasthur Nocturnal Poisoning 2005
SUNN43 Saint Vitus Live 2005
SUNN42 Xasthur Hedengang / A Curse for the Lifeless 2005
SUNN42.5 Nachtmystium Eulogy IV 2005
SUNN41 Boris Akuma no Uta 2005
SUNN40 Earth Legacy of Dissolution 2005
SUNN39 Thrones Day Late, Dollar Short 2005
SUNN38 Urgehal Through Thick Fog Til’ Death 2004
SUNN37 Sunn O))) The Grimmrobe Demos 2005
SUNN37.5 Sunn O))) (初心) Grimmrobes Live 101008 2009
SUNN36 The Hidden Hand Mother Teacher Destroyer 2004
SUNN36.5 Sunn O))) Cro-Monolithic Remixes for an Iron Age 2004
SUNN35 Lair of the Minotaur Carnage 2004
SUNN34 Goatsnake 1 + Dog Days 2004
SUNN33 Goatsnake Trampled Under Hoof 2004
SUNN32 Saint Vitus V 2004
SUNN32.5 Mord Unholy Inquisition 2004
SUNN31 Sunn O))) White2 2004
SUNN31.5 Eyehategod I Am The Gestapo / Self-Zeroing 2004
SUNN30 Probot Probot 2004
SUNN30.5 Probot Centuries of Sin 2003
SUNN29 Tangorodrim Unholy and Unlimited 2003
SUNN29.5 Graves At Sea Cirrhosis / Atavist Arise 2004
SUNN28CD Khanate Things Viral 2003
SUNN28.5 Thee Plague of Gentleman Thee Plague of Gentleman 2004
SUNN27 Place of Skulls With Vision 2003
SUNN27.5 Outlaw Order Legalize Crime 2003
SUNN26 Attila Csihar The Beast Of 2003
SUNN26.5 Orcustus World Dirtnap 2003
SUNN25 Sunn O))) White1 2003
SUNN25.5 Loincloth Church Burntings / New Jersey 2003
SUNN24 Boris Amplifier Worship 2003
SUNN23 Toadliquor The Hortator’s Lament 2003
SUNN22 Grief Turbulent Times 2002
SUNN21 Darkest Hour The Mark of the Judas 2003
SUNN20 Sourvein Will to Mangle 2002
SUNN19 Earthride Taming of the Demons 2002
SUNN19.5 Dukes Of Nothing Half Evil 2002
SUNN18 Spaceboy Searching the Stone Library for the Green Page of Illusion 2002
SUNN17 Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Rampton 2002
SUNN16 Place of Skulls Nailed 2002
SUNN15 Sunn O))) Flight of the Behemoth 2002
SUNN15.5 Warhorse I Am Dying 2002
SUNN14 Khanate Khanate 2001
SUNN14.5 Place of Skulls The Fall 2002
SUNN13 Goatsnake Flower of Disease 2001
SUNN13.5 Unearthly Trance Lord Humanless Awakens / Summoning The Beast 2001
SUNN12 Desert Sessions Desert Sessions, Vols. 7 & 8 2001
SUNN12.5 Mark D 5 Skull Bake / El Morroco 2002
SUNN11 Church of Misery Master of Brutality 2001
SUNN11.5 The Obsessed On The Hunt / Cheatin Woman 2001
SUNN10 Boris Absolutego + (Special Low Frequency Version) 2001
SUNN10.5 Grand Magus Spiritual Beggars / Grand Magus 2001
SUNN9 Warhorse As Heaven Turns to Ash... 2001
SUNN09.5 Cathedral Gargoylian 2001
SUNN8 Internal Void Unearthed 2000
SUNN8.5 Paul Chain Full Moon Improvisation / Window to Hell 2000
SUNN7 Mondo Generator Cocaine Rodeo 2000
SUNN6 The Want Greatest Hits, Vol. 5 2000
SUNN05 Goatsnake Dog Days 2000
190.5 Bowl Ethereal s/t 7" 2014
SUNN04 Electric Wizard Supercoven 2000
SUNN03 The Obsessed Incarnate 1999
SUNN02 Burning Witch Crippled Lucifer 1998
TKO202/B1 YDI A Place In The Sun 2015
SUNN1 Thorr's Hammer Dommedagsnatt 1998
SUNN00 Let There Be Doom 2002
SUNN000 Let There Be Doom II (A Kult Collection of Massive Sub-Harmonics) 2004
Burning Witch Towers...
Burning Witch Rift Canyon Dreams
Burning Witch The Bleeder / Rift.Canyon.Dreams
Burning Witch Live At China Club, Ballard 1996
Al Cisneros Lantern of the Soul
Lord ISKRA Ruins Lord